Previously the battery on our motorhome would get discharged over winter but this charger will not only charge the battery up but also retain the charge over a long period automatically.

It will charge 6v batteries, motorbike batteries, car batteries etc., It is a smart charger and will automatically work out how to charge your battery, it will detect what state the battery is in and then charge it accordingly, if the charge is very low it gives it a pulse charge to charge it quickly and then reverts to a normal charge, when fully charged it just gives it a retentive charge to keep the battery in tip top condition.

All this is done automatically it has four modes 6v, motorbike, car, and cold weather, just select the mode that best suits your battery and leave the charger to do the rest.

We bought this from Lidl but if you can't find it there it is available from Amazon click on this link

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A great buy. See our video review below.

Ultimate Speed  Battery Charger

We bought this for our Romahome Dimension motorhome, it is laid up for weeks on end in winter and we wanted to something that would keep the battery topped up ready for our camping trips when needed.


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