Remoska Electric Cooker

This is an ideal dual purpose electric cooker, you can take it with you camping and it's also invaluable in the kitchen at home, it is incredible economical with electricity and uses less than half that a conventional fan assisted electric oven does. So if you want to cook something instead of using your oven just get out the Remoska and save money.

Have you ever been camping to one of those all electric sites where you pay up to £5 a night for electricity? You don't electricity but you have to pay for it as it is included in the pitch price. Small motorhomes and caravans in particular don't have many electrical gadgets but we have to pay the same price as giant units with a whole range of electricity eating accessories. If you go camping and are forced to have a pitch with an electric hook up which you didn't really want, then you can cook your meal in the Remoska and save on your gas, after all you are paying for it so you might as well use it, that's where the Remoska comes in, it's an ideal size to fit in the cupboard of your van and when you get home transfer it back to the kitchen.

You can use it just like a conventional oven, it will cook anything from baked potatoes to roast chicken, casseroles to pies and it will also bake cakes and scones.

The cooking is all done with the lid which sits on top of a non stick Teflon deep pan, the lid has a convenient window in so you can check on your cooking without lifting it off. The pan is very easy to clean.

Remoska's are available from Amazon

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cHere are some comments from Remoska owners on our forum:

Gadgetman: I have the Remoska and use it for cooking every time I hook up on C&CC sites, though expensive worth every penny in my opinion

Bluebell: I bought one at the end of last year. I've used it in the kitchen at home and also in the van. Never had any problem with it.

Derek: I am also a fan of the Remoska. We bought the small one for the Romahome (the one without the glass in the lid) and started using it at home, it never did make it into the Romahome and was in regular use at home. When we took on our static last year we took it there where it is still going strong.

Bryan: I am also a big fan of the Remoska. I used mine last at Teversal with no problems at all, cooking steak pie slices, baked potatoes, etc. from the site shop, as I am on my own I use the standard one, it gets used most days at home, though pricey a fantastic buy, have not used my cooker oven since the purchase.

Check out the video of the Remoska below.


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