Raskelf Duvalay Review

Are you uncomfortable sleeping in your Motorhome or caravan? So was I until I tried a Raskelf Duvalay.

So what is a Raskelf Duvalay? It's a sort of sleeping bag but much much better, it’s a single cover with two pockets, the lower pocket contains a memory foam mattress topper and the upper pocket contains a duvet. They are attached to each other down one side and across the bottom, the other side is open for you to slip into bed and pull the duvet over you.

I found there was ample duvet to snuggle up into and I didn't feel restricted like in a sleeping bag, you can turn over with ease, tuck your knees up to your chest and lie on your back with your knees up! Try doing that in a sleeping bag and you'll see what I mean.

You can put two together to make a pair and you can turn them round so that they open on either side.

Both the duvet and the memory foam can be unzipped and taken out of the cover enabling the cover to be washed. The memory foam is also in a separate zip cover which can be removed.

You can buy either a summer warmth or a winter warmth, so no matter what weather you are camping in your are sure to be nice and snug in your Duvalay.

As far as storage goes the Duvalay can be rolled up and put away in your caravan under-bed storage or if you have a Motorhome we found there was ample room on the luton area of the van above the cab.


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