Oil filled mini radiator from Argos

This is our small oil filled radiator which we bought from Argos in April 2010.

They are also available from Amazon http://amzn.to/2m3a6Rg

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It’s a great thing to carry when you are using an electric hook up and you are worried about the weather being cold, it’s small and compact it easily stores away in the van when not in use, it does get hot so be careful if you have young children or dogs/cats in the van.

It’s thermostatically controlled so will turn off when the desired temperature is reach and back on when the temperature drops, it will warm up a small van very quickly.

One downside is that once it is hot it takes a while to cool down when switched off so if you are leaving the campsite for home make sure you turn it off in plenty of time for it to cool down and store away.

For a more detailed review, .see our YOU TUBE video review here:


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