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Tiverton - 16th-18th September 2011


The South West Squelch


Well..... How do you report this meet?. Well you have heard of Woodstock..... well we had mud! We had a total of 19 units visit and one ‘nearly’ who broke down on the way.


There was a flag....I was very proud of the fact I had bought a flagpole and had managed to find a flag saying welcome. Chocoholic put up the flag Friday morning aided by others, the meet had started. Apparently a small motorhome flag is possibly in production... but that is another story.


There was a ‘group building’ exercise the first day aka ‘putting up the welcome tent’ (I had no idea how to put up).... So the experts were assembled... The idea was to put up the garden gazebo alongside the khyam motordome so they could be used together.


There was Campsite entertainment.....the ‘experts’ attempted to put the welcome tent up up! I understand there is photographic record of this exercise. Things improved when there was a suggestion then we actually followed the instructions.... & voila the tent was up. The kettle and the cakes were to be housed in the motordome and the gazebo was then seating space.


There was food. The hot water urn (superkettle) was set going and the cakes started to arrive... AND boy did they just coming. Ian then showed up bearing antipasta.... cheese , cold meats... olives and Italian wine..... and the sun was shining.... and everybody buzzed. Waistbands expanded....... To follow Ian’s repast there was cakes and my camping signature bake of pineapple upside down cake in a double skillet. There were lots of cakes over the weekend and a rather splendid apple pie from the Pendal contingent.


There were views. The sunset and views of the moon and the stars from the campsite on Friday were just wonderful.


There was a fish & chip supper on Friday. The fish and chip van man’s face when he received the order of 16 fish & chips was something to behold. Luckily the long the queue of regulars did not get ugly. Thank you Jim for being the taxi.


There was wind.... lots of wind! Me in my dressing gown on Sat morning securing a side on the welcome tent/gazebo with Teresa rushing to my aid. Thank goodness Colin had sensibly put on the storm strap the night before. Thanks Colin.


There was the Welcome tent that was a constant buzz throughout Friday and the alternating sun, showers and gusting wind on Saturday. People kept coming......


There was the Saturday pub meal that was very good indeed. A toast was raised to Graham and Pauline. Outside the weather started to howl and the rain lashed down. My Creedy carver duck was wonderful..... Jim then ferried us back.... thanks again Jim


There was a storm.... WOW what a storm it lashed down the early hours saw me again in my dressing gown as the flag was a 45 degrees..... and again I lashed down the welcome tent. Rivers ran through the campside. Somehow the welcome tent survived the onslet. Zaphod has a video of the streaming rain down the caravan’s window.


There was the farm. There lots of animals and everyday the short route to the loo was shared with the cows queuing up for milking. Good footware was essential.


There were the SMF dogs and cats all a delight. Teresa’s poodles were pint sized extroverts that worked there charm on everybody. Interesting interactions were reported between the SMF cats and the farmyard cats who were cheerful thieves.


There was wine & song in the games room. The farmer took pity on us and gave us access to the snooker room on Sunday night, he was surprised the welcome tent stayed up on Saturday night. So the last night saw us in the games room with bottles of wine and the remains of the cake. Shall we say there was a wide range of music and the campsite throbbed to the beat. (Sorry other campers we did switch off at a reasonable hour)


Finally there was the Small Motorhome Forum; cheerful friendly people who all mucked in. We met people and made friends, we laughed, we ate cake, we pushed sunken vehicles, got sprayed with liberal quantities of mud, investigated other people’s vans & best of all we had lots of fun.




This report was sent in by Tentpeg who organised the meet and who we all would like to thank very much for her hard work.

Now where does this pole go
Now where does this pole go
  • Now where does this pole go
  • It's a bit small
  • We knew you could do it
  • Chocoholic flying a kite while Rio stops dog eating his dinner
  • Jenny (Tentpeg) mixing up cake for us
  • It turned into a warm and fluffy pinapple upside down cake - delicious
  • Ian Stockley with three admirers, Minimouse and son look on.
  • Sidick (Richard & Jill) with their coat of arms designed by Derek (half of  Pendel)
  • It's a bit windy
  • It's stopped raining
  • We lived on cake and pie
  • Zaphod's dog Jimmy in his usual pose
  • Zaphod's other dog Chas goes rainbow hunting
  • Maria, Theresa & Janet (half of Niloc) with dogs
  • The SMF apple pie by Pendel, smashing!
  • It rained and blew but we were the treasure at the end of the rainbow
  • At the pub
  • Chocoholic and Twolitre pop out for a ciggie - in the rain.
  • It's not all partying. Derek (Pendel) and Richard (Sidick) an hour in to the game.
  • Ian makes friends with farm cat
  • The welcome tent
  • Welcome to the Small Motorhome South West Meet
  • Theresa's cute poodles

Thanks to chocoholic for the videos.