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Sherwood Forest Holiday Park, Notts. 8th-11th May 2015 - The Big Spring Rally


26 units, 42 people (including young James), 7 dogs and 1 cat made their way to our Big Spring Rally held at Sherwood Forest Holiday Park in Nottinghamshire. Units attending included Romahome motorhomes, large motorhomes, self build motorhomes, Doblo conversion, Nu Venture, a Romini Caravan, a vintage folding camper called Herbert and a kit built Jiffy Romahome.


Unfortunately Ian and Sue who did all the donkey work in arranging the venue couldn't make it due to Sue recovering from an operation so it was left to Graham and Pauline to host the event and try to do as good a job as Maestro Ian.


We (Graham and Pauline) arrived on the Thursday to find that two members units were already on site, Hobo (Jon and Jan) and Diggdeep (Tom and Denise) had beaten us to it, we spent the time preparing for everyone else's arrival and put up our awning, gazebo, small motorhome flag and a sign showing our whereabouts and settled in for the evening.


On Friday morning the first arrival was Ivan who managed to get there at 7.30am whilst we were just getting up, lots more people started to arrive and we were busy booking everyone in, it was a lovely morning and we sat outside waiting for people. Everyone was greeted with a small motorhome cake, an itinerary of what was planned for the meet, a map of the area with shops, pubs etc. marked and a map of the campsite. As the day wore on the weather got worse and eventually it started raining and didn't stop for the rest of the day and night. We had arranged to have a mass bbq at night and in spite of the weather the concensus of opinion was that "the show must go on" so we gathered our bbq's under the gazebo and stood and chatted in the pouring rain. Some members wisely decided to stay in the warm and dry and cook their own food, Hobo (Jon and Jan) cooked their food at their unit and wandered over to join in the fun, while GasGas (Andrew and Alicia) brought some lovely looking homemade burgers made by Alicia, Geecee (Graham) had his usual tussle with the disposable bbq that refused to light, Rob had more success with his impressive bucket bbq, DJH (David and Pauline), AdyB (Adrian) and some others didn't have bbq's but managed to share with those that did and eventually everyone's food somehow satisfactorily got cooked. A welcome arrival was Sally Sausage who turned up with hot chilli beans and roast and sweet potatoes which was a very welcome addition.


Eventually everyone retired to their vans to get warm and dry and we turned in for the night, during the night the rain continued and it got very windy, around 4am Pauline and I were awakened by some strange noises after trying to see what was happening with no success we decided to get dressed and venture out to see what was afoot. To our astonishment the gazebo had decided to turn turtle and was now sitting on top of our movelite awning with its legs sticking in the air and only being prevented blowing away by one guy rope which was still attached. We managed to get it down and dismantled and went back to bed to try and catch up on lost sleep.

Saturday morning was a lot better weather although still a little breezy but at least it had stopped raining, having no duties to perform on site Pauline and I joined John and Wendy on a walk around the local area taking in the fishing lakes where we saw someone catch quite a big fish (might have been a carp) and a lovely nature reserve before returning back to base for coffee and cake and a well earned rest after our 4 ish mile walk. Some people visited the Sherwood Forest visitor centre and other attractions in the area, while others opted to relax on site.


Saturday night we all went down to the cabin which we had hired on the campsite, this was a large room with tables and chairs, we all took some food and drink and laid it out on the table making an enormous delicious looking spread and people enjoyed chatting, eating the lovely food and having a drink. Happy birthday was sung to two members who had a birthday that weekend Niloc (Colin) and Pendel (Penny), Derek produced a cake with a sparkler on for Penny.


Later it was quiz time hosted by Graham and Pauline, a lot of fun was had by everyone answering the questions, some were more competitive than others and when I spotted GasGas on his mobile phone I decided action should be taken and his team were given a yellow card and a warning as to their future conduct, of course he pleaded his innocence and said he wasn't cheating by looking for the answers but nevertheless we kept a close eye out for the rest of the evening. Question 26 was so complicated that I couldn't even ask the question let alone expect anyone to know the answer so we skipped that one. The quiz was eventually won by Team "we know nowt" which consisted of DJH (David and Pauline) Hobo (Jon and Jan) and W33dug (John) who managed to get an impressive 33 out of 39, prizes of a small box of chocolates were given to each member of the winning team.


Sunday some people went to the car boot in a field down the road from the campsite while others prepared to leave, BriantheSnail (Brian and Liz) held there own mini car boot and gave the proceeds to the forum funds which was very much appreciated. (Thanks Brian and Liz).


Teloupee (Phil) our resident photographer set up his camera before everyone started to leave and we managed to herd everyone together to get a group picture. A new member arrived after having read about the meet just as everyone was leaving and had a chat with us about the forum, I hope they liked what they saw and will stay around for a while. Some members decided to make the most of the cheap price and stay for another night (lucky devils).


Everyone seemed to enjoy the meet and it was lovely to meet old friends and make new ones, thank you all for attending and making it such a fun weekend and a big thanks to Ian and Sue for doing the hard work sourcing the campsite only to miss out on the fun.


The star of the weekend had to be Angie the 'wee dug' (little dog) belonging to John, a lovely little Maltese, she melted everyone's heart.


Members in attendance in no particular order were: Graham and Pauline, DiggDeep (Tom and Denise), Rob B (Rob, Vicky and young James), Teloupee (Phil), Brian R (Brian), Caz, TwoLitre (Jim), Niloc (Colin), Brian the Snail (Brian and Liz), DJH (David and Pauline), GeeCee (Graham and Carole), Ajtyorks (Alison), Pendel (Penny and Derek), Wendy, John, Doog, W33Dug (John), Oouche (Bill and Leigh), Lunnie (Joan and Appie), GasGas (Andrew and Alicia), Sally Sausage, Ivan (Ian), Pat , Hobo (Jon and Jan), Ruf W (Ruth and Ronny), AdyB (Adrian), Cas and partner.


Our thanks to forum member Teloupee and P.J.'s Photographic for some of the photos.