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Kingsbury Meet - 22nd-24th March 2012 - The Silly Snofest


14 units and 24 members, 4 dogs, 1 cat and 1 bunny came together for a meet at the Kingsbury C&CC site arranged by Ian Stockley. To say that the weather was inclement is a bit of an understatement, so the fact that so many people turned out is a testament to their foolhardiness.......I mean dogged determination to have a good time and we certainly did have a good time.


Having set off in snowy conditions in our Dimension we were pleasantly surprised to find there was hardly any snow at Kingsbury and a similar story was told by other folk as they arrived to say "snow? what snow?". However we were lulled into a false sense of security as it started to snow in the afternoon and we woke next morning to find it quite thick with snow. On the Friday night the majority went down to the Dog and Doublet for drinks, others had a quiet night in the snug of their warm vans.


Next morning the fun began with the building of the Small Motorhome Snow Lady, which was (almost) anatomically correct with a fine pair of boobs that some of the male members seemed to take great pleasure in smoothing to a fine finish. NomadSue managed to find some cherries to pop on the end and the boobs were complete. Adyb found good use for his sun lounger and decided to do a bit of "snowbathing" along with Vanderella who lay beside him on her beach towel much to the amusement of Floradora who thought that mum was having a game and enjoyed licking her face. (For those that don't know Floradora is Vanderella's lovely little doggy).


Speaking of doggies, Maddy's friendly pooches seemed to enjoy exploring the campsite and even had a game of "fetch the snowball" in the absence of any sticks or balls.


Graham and Carole (GeeCee) came armed with Rock Cakes which they proceeded to distribute to the hungry hoards and just when I thought I couldn't eat another cake NomadSue came along with her rather moreish buns.


In the evening most people went to the Dog and Doublet for a meal which our fantastic organiser Ian C.S. had organised for us, the pub was warm and friendly, the beer went down a treat and there was plenty of food to eat with the generous helpings on offer.


After staggering back through the snow we all settled in our vans well fed and contented. Sunday came all too soon and the snow had again come overnight making the journey home a little worrying, some decided to stay a little longer but most managed to get off the site and say our fond farewells after taking a group picture.


Members attending (in no particular order): Ian C.S., Graham and Pauline, Niloc, Caz, Derekb, Geecee, Adyb, Vanderella, Robin, Karenw, Maddy, NomadSue, Pendel and MS Wanderer.


Thanks to everyone who attended and a really big thank you once again to Ian Stockley for organising a great meet which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


Pictures and video below.