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Kingsbury Meet - 9th-11th March 2012


17 units and 27 members came together for a meet at the Kingsbury C&CC site arranged by Ian Stockley. There were a variety of units including Romahomes, other motorhomes, a Romini and 2 caravans, the majority were put in the same area of the campsite except poor Andyvan who paid the penalty for arriving on Saturday and had to pitch in the next section. Karenw was in a nearby CL but managed to come and see us every day.


Mary and John (aka Vanderella) had very kindly baked some lovely chocolate muffins complete with Small Motorhome logo on top which were handed out on arrival. The weather on the Friday was cloudy but quite mild and there was a general mingling with people admiring each others vans and drinking cups of tea. There was much interest in Niloc's new awning for his R40 which has been nicknamed the cathedral, apparently it took 5 people to put it up but did look magnificent standing 11 foot tall on the back of his van.


Saturday was another cloudy but mild day and some people had a lazy day on site, whilst others had walks around the water park, Caz managed to do some geocaches and Nigel (aka Riosromahome) went on his kayak for a paddle down the down the canal. Andyvan arrived armed with delicious marmalade cake which obviously ensured a warm welcome. Saturday night the majority had a wander down to the Dog and Doublet for our evening meal and few pints of the excellent beer on offer. We were joined by Marion Pub Only (what a strange name!!) and also Barbara Ann and Audrey (aka Ewig). The pub was very busy but the ever organised Ian had reserved tables for us all and we were very quickly served, a good evening was had by all before walking (or staggering in some cases) back to our vans to turn in for the night.


Sunday dawned and the weather was lovely with wall to wall sunshine, this prompted chairs to be put out while many had breakfast al fresco. We all gathered for a group photo before setting off on our way home, while a few lucky ones were able to stay and enjoy the sunshine.


Members attending (in no particular order): Ian Stockley, Graham and Pauline, Niloc, Gadgetman, Riosromahome, Caz, Patriscott, Derekb, Geecee, Jimish, Marie2Chris, Hazbax, Adyb, Vanderella, Robin, Jonee4, Andvan and Karenw. Not forgetting Ewig and Marion at the pub.


Thanks to everyone who attended and a really big thank you once again to Ian Stockley for organising a great meet which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thanks also to Vanderella and Andyvan for delicious cake and to Marie2Chris for taking the trouble to present us with a lovely small motorhome flag which she had made to fly at our future meets.


Pictures and video below.