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Ferry Meadows Caravan Club Site, 31st October - 3rd November




12 units and 17 members met at the Ferry Meadows Caravan Club site in Peterborough.


This is what Vanderella said about the meet:


The weather was incredible! The Peterborough site was lovely, lots of mature trees bursting with autumnal colour.


The site itself was a real hive of activity, a great mix of people and a real positive energy with everyone determined to wring every possible ounce out of the 2014 outdoor scene.


There were bats with inflatable wings speeding around on bicycles - really, truly, I kid you not ......... I don't think we had slipped into some alternative reality, although it seem like it at times! Shrieking witches behind every tree, and rattling skeletons refusing to stay in their cupboards.


John and I being van-less stayed just up the road in the Premier Inn which was clean and comfortable despite the 6am fire alarm! I had made a mess of Flora's kennel booking so she came too and stayed with dog-lady extraordinaire Jacqui. We spent nearly all our time with the SMH group and everyone made us so welcome. Jacqui made her van a warm and comfortable base for us, while others provided alternative shelter, storage, food, and cauldrons full of quick wit and charm.


The costumes, bunting, pumpkin displays and other dark and scary decorations brought the forest site to life........ and we could not believe our eyes when the food started to appear Saturday evening. It would have put any bohemian wedding feast to shame (think Game of Thrones crossed with the Restaurant at the End of the Universe)...... there was hot bubbling chilli, crusty bread, chicken, salad, oh and so much, much more. Cakes, biscuits, chocolates and courtesy of a recently retired (al)-chemist - a devilishly promising alcoholic mix that seemed to take on a life of it's own as the evening progressed


Thank you all for such a lovely and truly memorable weekend. (Anyone know how to get rid of witch spittle and bat vomit stains?????)

The meet was organised by forum members Jacsprat and LizP, other members in attendance in no particular order were: VonUK, CJUK, GeeCee, Doog, Di Allen, derekB and Babs, campercoxy, Vanderella and JohnF, BrianR, niloc, Ian.C.S and Nomad Sue


See the slideshow below for more pictures

Thanks to forum members Jacsprat, NomadSue and Vanderella for pictures