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Great Bourton Meet - 27th - 30th April 2012


This was our biggest meet so far in spite of a number of people dropping out due to the bad weather and various illnesses (including poor old Ian Stockley who had organised what turned out to be a great rally but couldn't attend due to illness).


A total of 33 units containing 53 people descended on a soggy campsite but all managed to camp on hard standings. There were some early arrivals but the majority arrived on Friday, Riosromahome and Diggdeep had arrived early but went home because of the bad weather. As people arrived on Friday they were shown to their pitch by a very soggy Graham and with a bit of maneouvering and jiggery pokery we managed to get everyone in and set up. LizP upheld the tradition of being last to arrive but managed to get there before everyone was in bed this time, well done Liz. The Small Motorhome Flag (kindly supplied by Marie2Chris) proudly fluttered in the wind and the Small Motorhome banner (kindly supplied by Ian Stockley) was also proudly displayed.


On Friday night Glen's massive awning was jammed to capacity with people sheltering from the incessant rain, where cakes, drinks and many stories were shared. A great time was had by all and big thanks to Glen for hosting.

Saturday saw a little respite from the weather as the rain eased a little to enable people to do their own thing, some stayed on site and wandered round the vans. There was a few people who had brought things to sell and Mary's book stall appeared to be very busy with books being sold at a bargain £1. Graham and Pauline went for a walk which turned out to be a route march after getting a little lost and ending with a trek through a very muddy field before getting back to the campsite. A surprise visit from Jim (Two Litre) on his motorbike was very welcome. Tentpeg was busy in the van baking cakes in her double skillet and walking round the vans handing them out, very nice they were too, the chocolate and pear upside down cake was to die for.


Saturday night saw around 50 people packed into the village hall for fish and chips, the supper was delivered on time and seemed to be enjoyed by all. Following the fish and chips Graham and Pauline hosted a quiz night which was hotly contested between the teams and the eventual winners were Tentpegs team with an impressive 36 out of 40 correct answers. The winning team then very graciously donated their prize money to the Forum funds (thanks guys and gals this will be put to good use). An enjoyable evening was had by all and we all made our way back to our vans happy, full of fish and chips and drink. Some stopped off at the very conveniently placed pub which was half way back to sample the local tipples. (You know who you are!)


Saturday was very stormy with rain lashing down and high winds buffeting the vans but everyone survived and when Sunday morning dawned there was no let up with the rain so the group photo had to be cancelled and people started to make their way home.


Members attending by username (in no particular order) Graham, Pauline, Sidick, LizP, Vanderella, Zoe1Zoe2, Niloc, Minimouse, Flo, Marie2Chris, Di Allen, Gadgetman, Lizzie, Theresa, Re Vera, Andyvan, VonUK, Tentpeg, Anchorman, Pendel, RMandnRAllie, NomadSue2011, GlenW, Fisherman, Robin, GeeCee, Caz, Mayfair Pete, Joe, Hazbax, Digdeep, Riosromahome, Freespirits, MsWanderer:


Thanks to everyone who attended and a really big thank you to Ian Stockley for organising a great meet which was thoroughly enjoyed by all and we were so sad he couldn't join us.


Below are a selection of photos taken by various people, thanks go to them for sharing.