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Kingsbury Meet - 4th-6th March 2011


14 units and 22 members and a variety of cats and dogs descended on the Kingsbury C&CC site for our first meet of the year. There were a variety of units including Romahomes, other motorhomes and a caravan, we were all put together in the same field and the weather though cold was for the main part dry.


There were some early arrivals but the majority arrived on Friday, that night we all huddled together in Rioromahome's new awning which he had bought from Lunnie that day. Beer, wine, nibbles and a cake from our cake maker extraordinaire Lunnie were shared round and we all retired to our vans for our tea. LizP and Ewig were late comers and missed the fuddle (it's a northern word).


Saturday we all did our own thing, some had a drive to the car boot, others went Geocaching, walking dogs and bird watching in the lovely nature reserve or just relaxing around the van.


We were visited by forum member Alex for the day on Saturday who was keen to get some information about the van he had bought, Ian, Rioromahome and others were keen to impart their knowledge and he went away much wiser than he had arrived.


Saturday night 15 of us went to the Dog and Doublet pub which is a short walk away, Ian had arranged for tables to reserved for us in an area of the pub which was just as well as it was very busy. A lovely meal was had and few alcoholic beverages plus lots of chat and laughter before we all went back to our respective vans with full tummy and happy.


Sunday it was time to say goodbye to all our old and new friends and look foward to the next outing.


Members attending (in no particular order): Ian Stockley, Graham and Pauline, Flo, Ewig, Riosromahome, Aggsnrog, Kipsy, Sidick, Vanderella, Marymary, LizP, Pendel, Caz and Lunnie. Not forgetting Alex for a day visit.


Thanks to everyone who attended and a really big thank you to Ian Stockley for organising a great meet which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.