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10th Anniversary Rally, Lickhill Manor, Stourport, June 2016


A total of 44 units, 77 people, 14 dogs and 1 cat attended the Rally to celebrate our 10th Anniversary at Lickhill Manor, Stourport. The rally was hosted by Ian and Sue and it was to be their swansong as it is the last one they will host as they have a well earned rest.


Ian and Sue were there on Thursday to welcome early arrivers, the weather was decent and people wandered around chatting and renewing old acquaintances and making new ones.


Friday those who were already on site did their own thing and whilst others were arriving the large gazebo was put up with several helping hands, supervised by Teloupee who appears to be an expert on gazebo's. The gazebo was adorned with some great bunting supplied by MaryJ (Mary hand made hers as a gift to Pauline and Graham) and Organ Grinder.


In the evening we held our mass BBQ, during which Graham and Pauline were able to surprise Ian and Sue by presenting them with gifts bought with the kind donations of members to thank them for their sterling work over a number of years in arranging the meets and rallies and also for their recent wedding. The donations amounted to £250 and the presents were a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates, a bottle of Champagne Cognac, a £100 voucher for Amazon and a £100 garden centre voucher, plus £20 cash which were late donations.


To say that they were gobsmacked would be an understatement and for a short period Ian was struck dumb, however he soon recovered to make a short speech thanking everyone for the kindness and saying how the forum and members had changed his and Sue's life and how they would always be grateful.


Pauline and Graham also got a surprise when they were presented with a bouquet of flowers and a card signed by all attending to celebrate 10 years of the forum, they were also decorated with large "10" badges and 10th birthday sashes, pink for Pauline and Black for Graham!


With the formalities over we all settled down to eat our bbq'd food, some looked more appetising than others but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves chatting eating and drinking and even when it started to rain it didn't dampen the spirits as people got umbrellas out or sat under the gazebo well into the evening.


Saturday arrived and thankfully the rain had eased off, quite a few people made the pleasant riverside walk into Stourport, either for lunch or just to have a browse around the shops. Whilst others opted to drive out or just relax on site. Bernard entertained us by playing his lovely organ which he actually made himself.


In the evening everyone again gathered for our "American Supper", tables were brought to put under the gazebo and there was soon a magnificent spread of all sorts of lovely food and drink. Lots of cake was in evidence including various small motorhome themed efforts from Gasgas, Organ Grinder, SnaphappyJ, Mary J and BriantheSnail.


Jayjay did a magnificent 3 hour stint at entertaining us with her guitar and singing including the forum theme song "Favourite Things", everyone enjoyed the singing and music whilst chatting, eating and drinking. Some football supported managed to sneak off for the England match and GlenW set up a large sheet in his awning to screen the match.


The festivities ran well into the evening and the weather was lovely making it a very enjoyable evening.


Sunday morning came and it was it was raining again so the planned mass photograph didn't happen, some people had to leave whilst others opted to stay on another night.


Another fabulous meet and our thanks once again to Ian and Sue for all the organising and leg work.


Members in attendance in no particular order were: Ian C. S. and NomadSue (Ian and Sue). Graham and Pauline, Brian the Snail (Brian and Liz), GlenW (Glen, Claire, Evie and Finn), Caz and her new doggy friend Reg, GeeCee (Graham and Carole), Vanderella and JohnF (Mary and John), Rob B (Rob, Vicki, James and Elizabeth with Monty the dog), Organ Grinder (Bernard), Rob B's parents (Jeff and Julie), Pendel (Penny and Derek with Barney the travelling cat), Niloc and The Sitter (Colin and Janet), Jayjay (Jackie and friend Linda), Von UK and C.J.UK (Von and Cheryl and dogs Jenna and Meadow), Teloupee (Phil), Anchorman (Tony and Ann), Lunnie (Joan and Appie), Tentpeg (Jenny), Gasgas (Andrew and Alicia), RuffW (Ruth and Ronnie), Kyran (Kyran and Sue), Brian R (Brian), iVan (Ian), Buzz and Dave (Dave and Buzz the dog), Cardie51 (Carolyn), MsWanderer (Angela), Waghorri (Rich, Sarah, Lewis and Renee), AJTYorks (Alison), Minniemouse (Sonya, Adam and Milo the dog), Orangevan (Jackie and Malcolm), Pat and Tilly (Pat, daughter in law and Tilly the dog), Lizzie, Motorova (Sue and John), Polly7 (Pauline and David), Jillygumbo (Jill and Ruca the Laborador), SnaphappyJ (Jane), Dcurt (Dawn and grandson), Vicki's Bro (Chris, Lisa, Sabastian and Molly the Dog), Vicki's parents (John and Irene), Traveller26 (Mike), Mary J, (Mary), AdyB (Adrian and sunbed). Allen, KarenW (Karen)


There are three videos available to view you can see them here:

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