I haven't been posting lately because I been driving and sightseeing, please accept apologies. I have an interesting enquiry, our present trip was from France in May, the weather is nice down in Provence, all the way North through Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and back to Roscoff for the ferry via Holland and Belgium!! About 4.5-5k miles. Although Norway wasn't on the original plan we have made a few days by not staying so long in some of the Scandi cities. We headed from Stockholm, overnight in Karlstad then up to Lillehammer in Norway. Lillehammer hosted to 1994 Winter Olympics and is a nice town to visit. You camp by Norways largest lake as well, right on the waters edge. We then headed down to Oslo for a 2 nights and it was then that we encountered the Road Toll system. They have camera number plate recognition is place, and the collection is made for us Brits by EPC Plc located in London. As Norway wasn't on the original plan I hadn't done my homework. Tomtom flagged up do you wish to use the toll road and we agreed. We were expecting a toll station as per France Spain and even our M6 bit!! When we arrived in Gothenburg, where we are as I write, we discussed how the payment is collected and Googled the item. As I understand this is what happens...
EPC send you a bill maybe 2 months on and you pay by card or Paypal, however without gaining access via our Vehicle Taxation system they don't know where to send the bill. Further investigation revealed I must register my motorhome with EPC, very simple, email address, registration, make etc., create a password, usual stuff and bingo they know where to send the bill, by email of course. We thought we were on a freebee but no such thing as a free lunch!!
Has anyone encountered this system and had a bill sent by email?