Hi everyone,

Hopefully I've placed this in the correct forum. I'm making my first entry into the world of motorhoming!

I went to view a Fiat Ducato 1.3T yesterday and loved it. It's done just over 60,000 miles, has a full service history from 1987 to today and a full MOT history. Also it has the original manual which i'm told is rare.

I looked it over but obviously i'm not an expert so hoped to have a few questions answered.

1) What should i be looking for when viewing. Everything seemed to be in good condition and working but may have missed something
2) The guy doesn't think the timing belt has been changed. I've just had over a £1000 bill for a timing belt going on my Qasqai so i'm very aware of the need to change a belt before failure. I've found belts for sale at this link http://www.mpdonline.co.uk/fan-belts but they seem really cheap. I have someone who can fit so just wanted some advice in respects to the timing belt
3) Finally what is this Ducato like for spares and repairs. Is it going to be hard to source parts, the guy said they were easy to get hold of but obviously he's trying to sell me the motor so wanted any impartial opinions!

I've agreed to go and have a final check of the motorhome Sunday and if my father in law gives it the ok (He's a skilled technician when it comes to motors , then i'm going to buy it for £5000.

Any help would be massively appreciated.