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Thread: Maiden Voyage in the Valentine

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    Default Maiden Voyage in the Valentine

    We took our recent acquisition, the 1999 Autocruise Valentine, for a short break on a CS in Lyme Regis to test it out. Actually using the van is obviously the best way to test out the wisdom or otherwise of a purchase. Nothing fell off, which is always a plus and really the only negative was the weather. A solid day of heavy rain on Wednesday wasn't what was hoped for but at least enabled us to confirm the van is comfortable if you are trapped in it by the weather.

    There seems to be a problem with the water pump - it needed jiggling every-so-often to get it to work (the same could be said about me) but that's not a big issue. Otherwise, it was just great to be motorhoming again - the childish pleasure I got from being waved at and waving back to other MH drivers is out of all proportion to the event.

    So I reckon if you can come back from your first trip (which was to a pretty basic CS, and when it rained for most of the time and with a really heavy cold that reached its peak on the day of solid rain) feeling uplifted and positive about being back in a MH then that's a great result.

    Is The Rain Ever Going To Stop?

    That's More Like It


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    Sounds like you have done exactly the right thing Doug, i hope you have many more happy camping trips.
    Better a rainy day on the hill than a sunny day in the office!

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    Glad you had fun Doug.

    That's what motorhoming is all about isn't it. A home from home and if you can cope with rain for a few days at a time and survive then you'll be fine.

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