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Thread: DAB Radio Reception

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    Quote Originally Posted by gasgas View Post
    Hmm Bluesdoctor. Now I see why you changed the radio. You couldn't do the crossword on the old one!
    LOL gasgas - I never was much good at cross-words anyway - except with the missus

    Quote Originally Posted by BrianTheSnail View Post
    Thanks Mike - not quite the same original as ours but seems similar - looks like a trip to a specialist company is in order - the current radio is poor and not having USB/line-in/Blutooth is a pain.
    Brian just a quick update:
    1/ I put an MP3 CD in the Kenwood that is in fact a data CD comprising folders named after the relevant album, each containing the tracks on the album, encoded in MP3 (with ID3 tags correctly populated). There were only 11 albums/folders on this CD, and the Kenwood handled them quite well. It even correctly displayed the folder names - in seek mode anyway - as well as the individual tracks. Maybe if I tried a USB stick with fewer albums?
    2/ I tried the steering wheel controls (not sure if mine are the same as yours). Changing input source (DAB/Bluetooth/AUX/CD/etc) worked just fine, as did changing the volume. Seeking through the CD was a challenge though, but then I am not used to using steering wheel controls so most likely user error
    3/ I flicked though the Berlingo display (on the dash above the radio player), in both radio and MP3 CD mode. It goes through the normal sequence of car performance metrics, but says nothing about the radio. Not an issue as the Kenwood has it's own display, but then again that could be user error on my part as I generally have it permanently on "miles before next fill-up" mode

    Anyway hope that helps and good luck with finding the right upgrade for you


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    IT would appear that several of you know a lot more about this stuff than I do.
    I have a radio in my MH which is capable of responding to steering wheel controls.
    I bought a steering wheel for the correct year and model of MH with knobs and buttons for remote control of the radio. There are two spare pins on the socket at the top of the steering column.
    I am coming to the end of my tether trying to find out how to get the radio connected to the steering wheel controls. Apparently as the vehicle was not built with steering wheel controls in the factory where they programmed the inevitable computer, it cannot be done.
    I bet if I worked in the Fiat factory I could do it. I think all it needs is for the ECU to be programmed to allow steering wheel controls. The dealer can't / won't do it, another Fiat Professional dealer can't / won't do it and an ECU repair company can't / won't do it.

    Does anyone here know if it can be done and if so how?
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