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Thread: Derek oak doblo high roof storage solutions

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    Default Storage of bed mattress topper

    In post 13 I mentioned the storage of the mattress topper but did not show it properly 20170425_101827.jpg
    Here you can see that if we roll up the 1 inch topper enclosed in its removable sheet cover to 5 thicknesses it supports the settee back at a comfortable angle.
    We made caps for the head rests from polycotton
    and used these to hang webbing loops to support the topper 20170425_074753.jpg
    The topper when rolled out covers all the joins in the 9 cushions that make up the double bed and so makes an already comfortable mattress as comfortable as our mattress at home. The topper is 4 foot wide by 6 foot 3 inch with a small cutout to go round the galley. The bed is 4 foot 9 inch wide for the top 3 foot 2 inch. 3 foot 2 inch wide there at hip level and 3 foot half an inch at the foot. The hip is the main restriction.

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    Default Electrics revealed

    In post 7 I showed the C250S and stabilised 12 volt power supply but did not undo the cover on the fuse box. I had to do a repair so here in an update. Under this plastic step fascia
    Is this fuse box wiring with inline fuses and relays
    It is beside the passenger seat, all very close to the leisure battery under the passenger seat and the c250s infront of the passenger seat.
    All this fits in an otherwise empty space that many cars may have.
    The voltage sensitive relay is hidden further forward beside the passenger footwell. The relays allow the alternator to push the maximum 20 amp through the c250s to recharge the leisure battery whilst in parallel running any 12 volt loads, such as the compressor fridge, directly from the alternator. The fridge relay is near the fridge switch, the volt meter is here
    The volt meter is cheap and I do not trust its absolute voltage but with experience it does show the relative state of charge of both vehicle and leisure batteries and a guide to the power sources recharging the batteries. Sorry about the inverted image that i cannot delete.
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    Default What all that storage allows to be carried on a 5 week trip to Orkney and Shetland

    We planned to be able to: wild camp (car) through out, cycle, packraft, walk, packraft across to an island walk and camp (tent), ferry bikes to an island cycle across it packraft to an outer island and camp carrying food, backpack into the wilds (walk and camp). Here we are by the watch stone near the ring of brodgar in orkney stopped for lunch halfway through the paddle
    The packrafts can be joined together to make a less manouverable but faster craft. We did a circuit of the sea loch to the left and freshwater to the right to get views of the stone circles and tombs of the area from the water. Probably water travel was more important in the neolitic. We came ashore and visited 2 circles 2 tombs and a village from the water.
    Here we are on Shetland having paddled along Ronas voe, a sea loch on a calm day, poking into sea caves paddling through natural arches and stopping on otherwise unreachable sandy beaches for lunch. I pulled out most of the kit just to take photos of everything at once.
    You can see the packrafts joined together, mine on the left shows the spray deck, wet suits, life jackets waterproof rucksacks paddles, day packs, in front, our tripod for camera and birdwatching monocular, behind, our tent
    Behind the tent our bikes with panniers cycle shoes, hi vis jackets, pump tools, my bike the nearest you can see 2 plastic tubes behind the saddle. Put paddle shafts or walking poles in these tubes and I can lash a big rucksack (the red one on my packraft deck) vertically behind me.
    Closeup of our tent which can use paddles or walking poles as tent poles. Inside 2 inflatable lightweight camp mats strapped together and our home adapted double 4 season sleeping bag.

    I will put up a few more photos to finish the tour of our stuff soon
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    Wow!! and I was so pleased with myself for thinking of putting 2 x 30 litre underbed storage chests in the van to take our clothes neatly and to allow easy removal for John, instead of him turning my nicely ironed clothes stack into a mess when it was in the single collapsible basket.

    Great photos Derek

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