I am a member of the cash back scheme Quidco, every time I need to buy something I look on Quidco to see if I can earn cashback on the item, after only 6 months I have already earnt £106.22 and have another £113 tracked ready to be paid in the future. It really does work, I just look for the cheapest price of an item I want to buy by searching the internet first and then check on Quidco to see if that retailer is part of the scheme, if they are I click and buy through Quidco, the purchase is tracked and a few months later I get the cashback which I can transfer to my bank account.

I have purchased car insurance, house insurance, and various electrical goods and other items from different suppliers to earn my cashback.

If you want to join the scheme there is a special offer at the moment to earn your first £5 just for joining and because you have been referred by us your favourite forum earns £5 too, win win, if you join there is no obligation to buy, just go back when you want to buy something.

If you're interested here is the referral link http://www.quidco.com/user/4233239/2289983/