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Thread: Now it can be told......

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    We're back folks. Pretty good weekend all told except for the catches. The back one works wonderfully but the front one keeps coming undone on the move - Usually around 45 mph. and it's just like putting the brakes on when the front of the roof comes up. The airflow over the roof acts just like an aeroplane wing and it tries to fly, dropping back down if I go below 40.

    Luckily, We carry a decent length of rope with us and I was able to pass it under the van and over the roof, and that did the trick. A bit untidy, but it got us there - and back.

    So I've been pondering most of the weekend, and then I remembered. When I had the Morris Eight (Several lifetimes ago) It came with a dodgy bonnet catch, and I bought quite a few before I got one the right pattern. Somewhere in the hoard I had a pair of the rubber things the special builders hold their bonnets down with.

    To cut a short story long, I fitted them today and it looks like a good job. Don't they all? I would have preferred to fit them the other way up so that I could pull on them to fasten, but it works as is, and more importantly, they don't look out of place.

    We'll see how it holds together on the way down to Nottingham Forrest, But I've still got the rope packed just in case.....


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