you it will give you the GPS position of your van and a link to a google map to show you exactly where your van is, all you do is phone the device from your mobile phone and it will send you text to tell you where it is, it’s as simple as that and as an optional extra you can also set it up to give you live tracking so that you can track the vehicle as it moves if you wish.

It comes with a sim card with £15 of credit included. It will work with any smart phone, there are no contracts or subscription fees, just buy it set it up and that’s it.

There is absolutely no need to wire it to the vehicle you just charge it up and the charge will last for 3 months before you need to charge it again. When you do need to charge it you can do so with one of two provided chargers a 240 volt for charging at home and a 12 volt for charging on the move. Unlike many other trackers there is no subscription to pay, it is very economical to run the sim card with £15 already credited will last for 10 to 12 months under normal usage, when it runs out just buy some more credit and away you go.

You can buy a Back2You Motorhome and Caravan Tracker from Amazon here

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Back2You Motorhome and Caravan Tracker

Are you worried about having your prized motorhome or caravan stolen? This gadget will put your mind at rest, it doesn’t take any technical knowledge it’s easy to set up, no wiring etc., just hide it in your van and forget about it. You can set up a movement alert so that as soon as the van is moved more than 200 yards you will receive a text message to alert 


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